Vibration Testing Service

KSA provides holographic vibration services for many types of industrial components, for example, turbine blades, compressor blades, impellers, turbine disks, and many other structures subject to vibration in their use.  We specialize in rapid turn-around and provide a complete identification of all vibration modes within a specified frequency range.  Data is provided either on CD ROM or via email for faster delivery.  Mode shape images in the form of J0 fringe patterns are provided as TIFF files showing the nodal lines and contours of constant vibration amplitude within antinodal regions.  The frequency at which the data is recorded is inset into the image.  Where required, the mode shape data is provided as a 16 bit data file, the pixel values of which can be scaled to vibration amplitude.  Below are examples of commercial vibration analysis.

Vibration Mode of an Impeller Wheel
Vibration Mode of a Turbine Blade

Vibration Mode of a Piezo-Electric Element at 38KHz

Data Image of the Vibration Mode Shown Above