System Specifications

Measurement Range

(for wavelength = 532 nm)

Holography – coaxial illumination & observation

Minimum theoretical resolution: 1.039 nm
Resolution adjusted for noise:   10.39 nm

Maximum Range

Static display: 34.0 mm
Static data mode:  17.0 mm
Vibration display: 8.0 mm
Vibration data mode: 1.33 mm

(Note: Vibration Data mode maximum is based on the need to restrict the number of fringes to less than 5.)

Speckle Correlation – 30° half angle

Minimum theoretical resolution: 2.078 nm
Resolution adjusted for noise: 20.78 nm

Maximum range

Static display: 53.2 mm
Static data mode: 26.6 mm
Vibration display: 16 mm
Vibration data mode: 2.66 mm

Projected Fringe Moiré
(Object fills field of view)

Theoretical resolution: (object width)/25600
Adjusted for noise: (object width)/10000
Maximum range: (object width)/4


All products sold by Karl Stetson Associates, LLC have a 1-year warranty, except for the laser, which is covered by its own manufacturer’s warranty.


Computer:  Dual-Core Intel®Xeon Processor

Digitizing resolution: 640Hx480V

Fully integrated WindowsXP user interface


Diode-pumped, frequency-doubled YAG

Mode Structure: TEMoo, Single Frequency

Power Output: 50, 100,150 MW


640Hx480V, interline transfer,
CCD, 1/3 inch format

Objective Lens:

Standard: 6X manual zoom, 5.7-34.2 mm
Optional: Any standard C-mount video lens

Illumination Optics:

Adjustable beam expansion over 6x range

Phase Stepping:

Low voltage piezo-electric mirror.

Holographic Reference Beam:

Fiber-optic guided

Optics Head:

Size: 18"x18"x6"     
Weight: 22 lb (approx.)