Modular Optical Design

You shouldn't have to be an optical engineer to apply an optical method to your nondestructive testing problems.  On the other hand, if you are an optical engineer, you don't want equipment you can't adapt to your needs and ideas.  The K100 modular optical system solves both problems.  It is a lightweight optical pallet with optics modules that let you make any of four optical testing systems: Electronic Holography, Electronic Shearography, Electronic Speckle Correlation, and Projected Fringe Moiré.  The laser is mounted on board and is permanently aligned with the optics to allow you to just "point and shoot" the camera at whatever object you want.  You can have up to 150 mw of green light, which is enough to deal with really large objects.  The optical sensor is a digital Charge Coupled Device (CCD) TV camera equipped with a 6X zoom lens to cover any field of view you need, and you can swap the lens for any of hundreds of standard TV objective lenses including microscope lenses.  The illumination beam is also expandable over the same range.  The unit comes with a protective cover equipped with safety interlocks.


The K100 modular optical system can be purchased with a full range of modules or tailored to a specific job.  The modules can be removed easily from the pallet and used in freestanding systems with other lasers.  They are easily mounted on standard post-and-bracket fixtures obtainable from standard optics equipment suppliers.  So if you want to experiment with different configurations, these modules will make your work easier and give you more time for productive experimentation.  If you want, you can even buy the modules separately.