Frequency Generator


Phase Adjustable, Dual-Channel Frequency Generator



Time-average holograms of vibrating objects have fringes that follow a zero-order Bessel function of the first kind. There are basically two ways to convert such fringes into numerical data, and both involve applying a bias vibration to a piezo-electric mirror in either the reference beam or the object beam of the recorded hologram at the same frequency as the object vibration. Also, in either case, the phase of the bias vibration must be adjusted relative to the vibration of the object. It is necessary, therefore to be able to generate two phase-locked sinewave signals and adjust their relative phase. It is also necessary to be able to adjust the frequency, amplitude, and phase of these signals smoothly and rapidly without time-consuming re-initialization. Karl Stetson Associates, LLC makes available the low cost BK4053B phase-adjustable, dual-channel signal generator for this purpose. It communicates with the host computer via a USB port, and provides two outputs via BNC connectors, and it is powered by a 120 volt AC source. The HoloFringe300K program is set up to use this generator as an integral part of the Time Average Data routine for quantitative vibration analysis.


Output Voltage: 0 to 10.0 volts

Voltage Resolution: 0.01 volts

Frequency Range : 30Hz to 100KHz

Freq. Resolution: 0.1 Hz

Power: 120 volts

Input Connector: USB cable

Output Connector: BNC cable

Height: 4.5 inches

Width: 9.25 inches

Length: 11 inches